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Lance McCullers

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  • Genna Montalbano, Lance McCullers, Alex Bregman,

    Genna Montalbano can't believe Lance McCullers and Alex Bregman were really on the Prom Zoom call. 

    From: Virtual Prom Hits a Grand Slam
  • Lance McCullers

    Lance McCullers was nice enough to accept the invitation to the virtual prom for this group of St. Thomas High School seniors and their dates. 

    From: Virtual Prom Hits a Grand Slam
  • Morgan Brandt, Lance McCullers, Jr.

    Morgan Brandt was able to snag Lance McCullers, Jr. for a quick selfie as he was on his way to the airport to head back to physical therapy to get ready for next season. 

    From: For Great Minds: Inspiring the Community