2022 Buzz Photo Contest Winners

Lu Ye

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Photos appearing in

  • Alexander-Smith Academy prom

    (From left) Alexander-Smith Academy students Denielle Braxton, Katy Boyd, Madison Baty, George Rodriguez, Logan Duke, Katie Saltiel, Zoey Zhang, Shannon Nguyen and Lu Ye all take one last group photo together at prom. (Photo: Ms. Pamela Rameau)

    From: Prom for Alexander-Smith Academy Students: Prahm 2k16
  • Balloons

    Student Council President Katy Boyd explaining the significance of balloons to Alexander-Smith Academy students. (From left) Max Cordua, Katy Boyd, Ms. Kathy Thompson, Ms. Jeanne Dazey, Matthew Treat, Logen Duke, Xavier Wang, Alex Ambler, Zoey Zhang, Lu Ye. (Photo: Denielle Braxton).

    From: We’re All in This Together
  • Alexander-Smith Academy students

    (From left) James Cravens, Trevor Bowman, Ms. Kim Garcia, Sydney Freeman, Alex Ambler, Marcos Genemaras-Cruz, Sam Moghaddam, Katy Boyd, Jacob Remels, Aron Sable, Joseph Schwartzberg, Max Cordua, George Rodriguez, Jackson Linnartz, Mika Kohl, Cameron Kimmel, Skylar Schanen, Grace Smith, Zoey Zhang, Lu Ye, Ms. Jeanne Dazey and Xavier Wang. (Photo: Ms. Casey Demmer) 

    From: We’re All in This Together
  • Enjoying the time outdoors and making kids happy were students (from left) Lu Ye, Zoey Zhang, Madison Baty, George Rodriguez, Katy Boyd, Jackson Linnartz, Sam Moghaddam, and Xavier Wang. (Photo: Shannon Nguyen)

    From: Putt One in the Hole
  • Students encouraging the kids

    Students encouraging the kids. (From left) Mika Kol, Lu Ye, Madison Baty, Katy Boyd, Xavier Wang, Sam Moghaddam. (Photo: Shannon Nguyen)

    From: Putt One in the Hole
  • Alexander Smith Academy

    "Is this how you hold the club?" (From left) Zoey Zhang, Lu Ye. (Photo: Katy Boyd)

    From: Putt One in the Hole