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Maya Bhavsar

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  • Esha and Maya Bhavsar

    Esha and Maya Bhavsar, sisters and sometimes duet partners, love playing the piano. (Photo: Barbi Photography)

    From: Name That Tune: Esha and Maya Bhavsar
  • Aria Parikh, Tulsi Parikh, Esha Bhavsar, Maya Bhavsar,

    WALKING TOWARD UNITY Tulsi Parikh, a rising sophomore at Memorial High School, attended the Bellaire Unity March. Pictured are (from left) Maya Bhavsar, Esha Bhavsar, Tulsi Parikh and Aria Parikh walking the final leg of the Unity March together. (Photo: Pooja Salhotra)

    From: Bellaire Residents Unite for Justice
  • Condit Elementary students

    Condit Elementary School students (from left) Esha Bhavsar, Maya Bhavsar, Lucas Garibaldi, Sophia Garibaldi, Arjun Sharma, Eshaan Vakil, Ajay Mathew, Taijus Mathew, Sajan Mathew, Krishan Vakil and Rohan Sharma went to watch the Astros parade. The students range from kindergarten to fifth grade. (Photo: Barbara Garibaldi)

    From: Celebrating the Champions: Buzz Residents at the Astros Parade