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Lucas Garibaldi

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  • Sophia Garibaldi, Lucas Garibaldi

    Siblings Sophia and Lucas Garibaldi

    From: Go Texan Day: Condit Cowboys and Cowgirls
  • RISE Soccer Club Central Elite U10 boys team

    RISE Soccer Club Central Elite U10 boys team

    From: A strong start
  • Medeiros party

    Medeiros going away party

    From: Off to Argentina
  • Condit Elementary students

    Condit Elementary School students (from left) Esha Bhavsar, Maya Bhavsar, Lucas Garibaldi, Sophia Garibaldi, Arjun Sharma, Eshaan Vakil, Ajay Mathew, Taijus Mathew, Sajan Mathew, Krishan Vakil and Rohan Sharma went to watch the Astros parade. The students range from kindergarten to fifth grade. (Photo: Barbara Garibaldi)

    From: Celebrating the Champions: Buzz Residents at the Astros Parade
  • Condit Elementary students

    Condit Elementary students (first row, from left) Anna Nguyen, Lila Habiby, Brianna O'Shaughnessey, Bella Escamilla, Chase Mould, Sophia Garibaldi and (second row, from left) Ana Naomouz, Jude Martinez, Sophia Nguyen, Caroline Cannon, Luis Loera, Daniel Harris, Jake Mould and Lucas Garibaldi

    From: A Sweet Project: Condit Students Donate Candy to Troops
  • Condit Boosterthon

    Condit Cats loving the day. (From left) Abby Goldberger, Bryce Dunn-Kahn, Lucas Garibaldi, Dan Greenberg, Charlotte Hart and (in back) Cassandra Cruz

    From: Condit Elementary School’s Boosterthon