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Sloan Goodman

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  • Girls caroling

    Pictured are (in front, from left) Laren Michelman and Gianna Vela; (in back, from left) Sydney Fell, Chloe Chang and Sloan Goodman, spreading a lot of good cheer singing for their Bellaire neighbors.

    From: Fa-la-la Fever: Christmas Caroling
  • Sloan Goodman, Ava Naomouz

    Sloan Goodman and Ava Naomouz have their Bingo daubers ready to mark their winning numbers.

    From: Bingo Bonanza
  • Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale, Ethan Swartz, Sloan Goodman, Evan Swartz

    Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale, Ethan Swartz, Sloan Goodman and Evan Swartz enjoyed sitting up front by the bingo caller.

    From: Bingo Bonanza
  • Grant Goodman, Sloan Goodman

    Grant Goodman, now 18 years old, and little sister, Sloan, currently a seventh grader at Pin Oak Middle School, going for a cruise. (Photo: LaWana Sieckmann)

    From: West U Chuck E. Cheese Leaves Good-Bye Tokens of Memories
  • Summer slime celebration

    Analeigh DuVigneaud, Eloise DuVigneaud, Sloan Goodman, Grace Dholakia, Kate Dholakia, Isabell Sorenson, Addison Berger, Sydney Fell, Mia Noamouz enjoy a summer slime celebration at Ava and Mia's house.

    From: Slime Time
  • Sloan Goodman

    Sloan Goodman at her work station where all the slime magic happens.

    From: Slime Time
  • Glow

    Sloan Goodman, Ava Noamouz, Sydney Fell and Chloe Chang getting their glow on!

    From: Slime Time
  • Isabella Sorenson, Sloan Goodman, Lindsay Tennant, Ellie Lutfak,  Amelie Rozowski

    Isabella Sorenson, Sloan Goodman, Lindsay Tennant, Ellie Lutfak and Amelie Rozowski hang out in the pool at the Bellaire Town Square Family Aquatic Center. (Photo: Dylan Aguilar) 

    From: Dive-In Movie Night 2017
  • Makai Shoulders, Sloan Goodman, Suria Mehta, Annabelle Whom, Maya Reyes, Andrew Sederis, Layla Warley

    Makai Shoulders, Sloan Goodman, Suria Mehta, Annabelle Whom, Maya Reyes, Andrew Sederis and Layla Warley

    From: New year, new space
  • Fourth-grade girls

    Fourth-grade girls. (From left) Cindy Cui, Mia Septimus, Emme Hoover, Sloan Goodman, Sydney Fell, Sarah Spires, Natalie Nelson (in back), Ava Noamouz, Chloe Chang and Lauren Nixon

    From: Condit Elementary School’s Boosterthon
  • Condit

    Condit UIL team

    From: Go, Condit Cats