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Susannah Rosof

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  • Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale, Ethan Swartz, Sloan Goodman, Evan Swartz

    Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale, Ethan Swartz, Sloan Goodman and Evan Swartz enjoyed sitting up front by the bingo caller.

    From: Bingo Bonanza
  • Eden Harari, Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale

    Eden Harari, Susannah Rosof and Sofia Dale are proud of their toilet paper creation.

    From: Let the Good Times Roll: Adventures of Toilet Paper Wrapping
  • Royal family, masked

    The secret identity of the Masked Royal family: Diana Caully, Janet Cunningham, Susannah and Holly Rosof, Helen Goodman, Mary Lou Dale, Melissa Brams and Dana Cox


    From: Royal Wedding Celebration
  • Slime party

    Trafton sixth graders enjoyed the Rosof's epic slime party. (Pictured, from left) Isabelle Massaro, Lilian Howard, Lucy Logan, Susannah Rosof, Sofia Dale, Nina Lang and Charlotte Smith.

    From: Slime Time