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Sam Kasser

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  • Emery High School spring break

    Emery High School spring break

    From: Spring break in San Juan
  • Sam Kasser

    BREAKING FREE The Emery/Weiner School’s Sam Kasser gets by his defender in the Jaguars’ 59-14 victory over High Island. Kasser led the team in receiving yards through the first half of the season.

    From: SportzBuzz - November 2018
  • Emery/Weiner School

    PICKING IT UP Among those at The Emery/Weiner School keeping trash out of storm sewers by “plogging” are coach Otis McAlhany, Sam Kasser (senior, football captain), Josh Strauss (senior, football captain), Haley Johnson (senior, cheer captain), Rachel Massett (junior, cheer captain), Jennifer Blum (senior, volleyball captain), Josh Blum (sophomore, football/baseball) and coach Ashley Burrell. All student-athletes pictured experienced flooding in their homes.

    From: Going Green

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