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Scott Humphries

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  • Scott Humphries, Shane Merz and Jeff Cotner

    WINNING THE DAY Scott Humphries, Shane Merz and Jeff Cotner (from left) meet up at the finish line of the 2012 Leadville 100-mile Mountain Bike Race, the first Leadville 100 race they completed together.

    From: Iron Men
  • Scott Humphries

    Scott Humphries celebrates Texas-style as he finishes Ironman Cairns in 2014. (Photo: FinisherPix®)

    From: Iron Men
  • 11-year-old AAA Greenhat All Stars

    11-year-old AAA Greenhat All Stars

    From: All Stars take the field
  • West U All Stars

    Pictured: WULL AAA All-Stars, managers and coaches. 

    The AAA American team includes: Manager Adam Pollock, Asst. Coach Ryan Mossman, Asst. Coach Scott Humphries and AAA American players:Tripp Arnold, Denton Bui, Will Coffman, Taylor Collins, Taymur Faruqui, Campbell Hendee, Joshua Horn, Sam Humphries, Griffin Jones, Barrett Mossman, Grant Pacheco, Tyler Pollock, Walt Rorschach and Jake Wakil. 

    AAA National team includes: Manager Rob McGarr, Asst. Coach Stephen Crain, Asst. Coach Dee Green and AAA National players: Ari Axelrad, Joey Crain, Zach Godbold, Dominic Green, Nick Horton, Sam Kennett, Ari Levine, Jacob Levy, Chase McGarr, Brady McGee, Matthew Mintz, Josh Natelson, Andrew Newman and William Oakley. 

    From: WULL All Stars

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