2020 Pet of the Year Contest

Sophia Shebay

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Photos appearing in

  • Sophia Shebay

    Sophia Shebay ('23) performing in dramatic interpretation. 

    From: Streaming Speech Tournaments
  • Joy Stephan, Zayne Nemroy, Sophia Shebay, Bailey Raymond

    Joy Stephan (‘23), Zayne Nemroy (‘23), Sophia Shebay (‘23), and Bailey Raymond (‘23) organizing the sophomore playlist. 

    From: St. Agnes Student Council Succeeds Through Coronavirus
  • Debate

    Debaters gather in the St. Agnes debate room prior to leaving for a tournament. Pictured are (top row, from left) Top row: Avery Jung (‘23), Dawn Earles (‘23), Aly Buttram (‘23), Anika Shethia (‘23), Isa Marx (‘23), Elaine Phan (‘23), Surmayee Thakur (‘22), Malia Palmer (‘22); (bottom row, from left) Sophia Shebay (‘23), Gargi Rakhade (‘23), Lorena Maher (‘23), Bailey Raymond (‘23), Anh-Thy Nguyen (‘23), Catalina Martinez (‘23). (Photo: Sherri Perry)

    From: Dare to Try Debate
  • Fish Week

    (From left to right) Lucy Terrell, Gargi Rakhade, Sophia Shebay, Anika Shethia, Annabelle Beaudette, Karina Davis wearing their costumes during St. Agnes Academy Fish Week. (Photo: Alexandria Levert)

    From: A Not-So-Frightening Fish Week