2024 Photo Contest Winners

Sophia Zimmerman

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  • Emery/Weiner School volleyball

    Emery/Weiner School volleyball

    From: Determined to play
  • Hanging 10 at Ohana Surf Camp in Galveston

    These young surfers love riding the waves while participating in Ohana Surf & Skate Camp in Galveston. (From left) Solomon Levin, a second grader at The Shlenker School, David Katz, a fifth grader at Shlenker, Alexander Zimmerman, a sixth grader at The Emery/Weiner School, Mickie May Levin, a sixth grader at St. John’s School, Annie Katz, a second grader at Shlenker, Sophia Zimmerman, a fourth grader at Shlenker and Carly Katz, a fourth grader at Shlenker.

    From: Hanging 10 in Galveston
  • Ohana Surf Camp in Galveston

    (From left) Annie Katz, Alexander Zimmerman, Solomon Levin, Sophia Zimmerman, Carly Katz, Mickie May Levin and David Katz participated in the Ohana Surf Camp in Galveston this summer. 

    From: Surf’s Up!

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