2024 Photo Contest Winners

Anna Katherine Hulsey

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  • West University Softball Association 10U Serpents

    West University Softball Association 10U Serpents

    From: 10U Serpents
  • WUSA Moonbeams

    West University Softball Association Moonbeams

    From: A spirited opening day
  • Anna Katherine Hulsey

    Pictured here is furry-pawed Sam and yellow-booted Anna Katherine Hulsey modeling their beads and getting in the Mardi Gras spirit.

    From: Mardi Gras Celebration Floats On: No Parades Needed
  • Anna Katherine Hulsey

    SAVE THE WHITE COUCH Anna Katherine Hulsey’s big Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup mess back in 2016 went viral online.

    From: Epic toddler messes
  • Treehouse hangout

    Pictured are students (front row, from left) Landon Lowery, Ford Laird, Cooper Morrison, Alex Hulsey, Grayson Parker, Bennett Parker and principal Threet; (back row, from left) Timothy Davidson, Finn Parker, Anna Katherine Hulsey, Austyn Laird, Cole Stagg, Ben Stagg and Judson Morrison by the “treehouse.”

    From: Hidden WUES gem
  • Fathers and Flashlights

    Friends including M.J. Gonzalez, Callie Cunius, Tess Tully and Anna Katherine Hulsey camped out on the fields of West University Elementary School for the annual Fathers and Flashlights event. 

    From: Under the stars
  • Alex Hulsey, Ashley Hulsey, Anna Katherine Hulsey

    MOM’S THE WORD Ashley Hulsey’s mom, Debbie Aduddell, always told her, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” She tries to remember this while parenting Anna Katherine, 3, and Alex, 6. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: Advice from Mom’s Mom
  • Anna Katherine Hulsey, Alex Hulsey

    15 MINUTES OF FAME Anna Katherine Hulsey, 3, (pictured with brother Alex, 6) smeared chocolate syrup all over her parents’ white couch – yes, this one. Mom Ashley Hulsey snapped a picture, later shared on Ellen DeGeneres’ social media pages. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: Advice from Mom’s Mom
  • Anna Katherine Hulsey

    This is what happened when 2-year-old Anna Katherine Hulsey got a hold of the Hershey syrup.

    From: Mommy Moments: Cleaning up the Messes