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Lisa Ganucheau

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  • Hotty Toddy Mamas

    Hotty Toddy Mamas who assembled care packages for their college-students kids are (pictured, back row, from left) Lisa Ganucheau, Paige Weinstein, Melisa Jordan, Michelle Ross, Misty Hagood; (seated, from right) Andy Blitzer, Michelle Herring, Wendy Wilkins Burks, Donna Porter, Anya McInnis and Karen Acton. 

    From: Sending Texas cheer
  • Hotty Toddy Mamas

    GROWNUP PLAYDATES The Hotty Toddy Mamas group of Ole Miss parents gather for an “Off to College Kick-Off” at Joni Fichter’s house. Pictured: Colleen Colby, Sallie Alcorn, Kari Alvarez, Audra Parrish, Gina Thomas, Linda Smith, Laurie Boeh, Meg Wilson, Lori Tieken, Holly Willis, Wendy Burks, Beth Barton, Earlene Stewart, Lisa Ganucheau, Deanna Barton, Karen Acton, Jana Ames, Andy Blitzer, Sheri Thomas, Joni Hruska Fichter, Lauren Dyer, Dacia Rowe and Laura Mudd. (

    From: And They're Off
  • John Ganucheau, Lisa Ganucheau

    Mom and current president of STH Mothers’ Club Lisa Ganucheau is pictured with her son, John.

    From: Model students
  • Ganucheau

    Lisa Ganucheau and her family hail from Louisiana, so they know something about celebrating with food. They are pictured here (from left: Tom, Mary Clare, Lisa and John) at The Grove at Ole Miss before a football game.

    From: Moms, dads and grads

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