2021 Pet of the Year Contest

Pippa Beasley

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  • Pippa Beasley, Elliott Beasley

    The 100th birthday sign in front of Victor Stanek's home caught the attention of neighbors, including Pippa and Elliott Beasley. Every day, on their way to school, they receive a wave and a warm smile from Victor. So when they saw it was his 100th birthday, they brought over a birthday card. 

    From: A West U Icon Turns 100
  • Pippa Beasley, Elliott Beasley,

    Kids and families of all ages left are leaving their mark on Art Houston, like Pippa, 6 and Elliott Beasley, 9 of West U.

    From: Art House: A House on a Feel-Good Mission Pre-demolition
  • Julie Beasley, Pippa Beasley, Elliott Beasley

    Julie Beasley, Pippa Beasley, and Elliott Beasley

    From: Help and hope after Harvey
  • Irene Duvo, Pippa Beasley, Katelyn Voelte, Mary Etta Maguire,

    Retiring PE teacher Ms. Irene Duvo has been at WUES since 1990. Here she's pictured with students Pippa Beasley, Katelyn Voelte and Mary Etta Maguire. 

    From: So Long, Farewell to WUES Retirees
  • Julie Beasley, Pippa Beasley, Elliott Beasley,

    Author Julie Beasley (pictured with her kids Pippa, 5 and Elliott, 8) wrote H is for Harvey, meant to be a keepsake for kids who were impacted by Harvey and to educate those who didn't experience Harvey's effects first-hand. 

    From: Help, Healing and Hope: Children’s Book Tells Tale of Harvey Heroics