2020 Pet of the Year Contest

Reese Henningsen

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  • Reese Henningsen, Jerry Reese, Sheila Reese, Collin Lawrence

    WATER SAFARI Reese Henningsen (second from left), Jerry "Silver" Reese, Sheila "Honey" Reese and Collin Lawrence went on a fishing expedition in Tanzania, Africa, in 2011.

    From: Turning 13 with Honey and Silver
  • Vincent Lovoi, Alec Horner, Will Winters, Scott Lange, Thomas Burke, Reese Henningsen, Ford Jones, Miles Abell, Harrison Kane

    Nine Riverbend residents graduated from high school and will be leaving for college this summer. Top row, from left: Vincent Lovoi (Baylor), Alec Horner (Texas A&M), Will Winters (Texas Tech), Scott Lange (University of Texas); front row, from left: Thomas Burke (Louisiana State University), Reese Henningsen (Louisiana State University), Ford Jones (University of Texas), Miles Abell (Washington & Lee) and Harrison Kane (University of Georgia).

    From: Riverbend Boys

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