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Reese Vogel

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Photos appearing in

  • Ribbon cutting

    Seniors Reese Vogel, Grace Wilson, Sarah VanLoh and Kate Copeland cut the ribbon in the opening ceremony for the water turf field. (Photo: Audrey Ledbetter) 

    From: New Water Turf Field at St. John's School
  • Field Hockey

    The U19 National Field Hockey Festival Team included, from left, (bottom row) Kelsey Bing, Libby Manela, (middle row) Clara Tian, Emery Larkin, Allison Dyer, Jennifer Trieschman, Celia Lewis, Paige Albert, Carson Peacock, (top row) Kaylie Mings, Alex Altamirano, Natalie Thurman, Emma Cate Graham, Sam Segeit, Lizzy Fallon, Meghan Mogas, Emma Eggleston, Reese Vogel and Sophie Mireskandari, along with coach Tina Edmonds and assistant coach Terence Campbell. (Photo: Kara Mings)

    From: Taking the Field (Hockey)
  • Field Hockey

    Field hockey is all about working together. Back row, from left: Jennifer Trieschman, Meghan Mogas, Libby Manela, Kelsey Bing, Kaylie Mings and Reese Vogel; front row, from left: Ellie Gershenwald, Emma Eggleston, Paige Albert and Carson Peacock. (Photo: Kevin Long,

    From: Taking the Field (Hockey)
  • Reese Vogel

    Reese Vogel moves the ball up the field during the Disney Hockey Showcase. (Photo: Jeff Gershenwald)

    From: Taking the Field (Hockey)