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Cabell Wood

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  • Cabell Wood, Debbie Walker, Bill Walker

    Cabell Wood, Debbie Walker, Bill Walker. (Photo: CatchLight Group) 

    From: Spotlight on safety
  • Michael Hoffman, Cabell Wood, Tania Cruz, Joni Hoffman, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld

    Michael Hoffman, Cabell Wood, Tania Cruz, Joni Hoffman, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld (Photo: CatchLight Group) 


    From: Crime Stoppers of Houston Honors Heroes in the Community
  • Buzz and Crime Stoppers team

    The Buzz Magazines' and Crime Stoppers team at the luncheon: (from left) Carly Gray, Rania Mankarious, Michael Hoffman, Joni Hoffman, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Paige Hollek, Cabell Wood, Tania Cruz (Photo: Dylan Aguilar) 

    From: Courageous Conversations: Human Trafficking in Houston
  • Deborah Walker, Cabell Wood, William Walker

    (From left) Deborah Walker, Cabell Wood and William Walker. (Photo: Catchlight Group/Michelle Watson)

    From: Crime Stoppers Gala Celebrates Houston
  • Cabell Wood, David Wood, Walker Wood

    Cabell and David Wood had their first son, Walker, at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women last summer.

    From: When the little one arrives
  • Bridal party

    Sydney Ealand and Robert Eifler both had 13 attendants on their wedding day. Sydney’s bridesmaids wore black silk dresses from Bella Bridesmaids. From left, back row: Annie Eifler, Katherine Plumb, Cabell Wood, Mattie Neeley, Mollie Schall, Deborah McInnes, Caroline Gordy; middle: Laura Sheedy, Adair Flynt, Natalie Ealand; front: Jordan Glasgow, Erin DeCelle, bride Sydney, Clara Driscoll, Emilie Petty. (Photo: Barron & Barron Photography)

    From: Down the Aisle