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Jerry Meyerson

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  • Jerry Meyerson

    Jerry Meyerson has ridden in the BP MS 150 since 2002 and has participated in MS rides across the country. He's a Hall of Famer, as he's raised over $100,000. (Photo: Arthur Meyerson) 

    From: Bandanas of Hope: BP MS 150 Tradition
  • Denise Jones, Jerry Meyerson

    Every year, Denise Jones signs the bandana of BP MS 150 rider Jerry Meyerson, who was her boyfriend back in their Bellaire High School days.

    From: Bandanas of Hope: BP MS 150 Tradition
  • Jerry Meyerson

    Jerry Meyerson loves the adventure of driving for Uber and meeting new people with interesting stories every night. Note the yellow vehicle-inspection sticker on his car windshield, an easy way for passengers to know that Uber drivers are licensed by the city. (Photo: ©2015 Arthur Meyerson)

    From: Catch a Ride
  • Meyersons

    When Jerry Meyerson saw that he had been issued #123 for the 2008 BP MS 150 bike race, he made sure son Alex got #456.

    From: Bipolar Disorder