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Amanda Dearborn

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  • Ryan and Amanda Dearborn

    Ryan and Amanda Dearborn enjoying themselves at the Derby in 2013.

    From: Derby Days
  • Glow sticks ready

    The "Muber" passengers with their neon glow sticks ready for action. (From left) Amanda Dearborn, Bari Blanks, Dominique Kendall, Jackie Sharbrough, Margaret Pearce, Karen Vine Fuller, Stasie Smith. 

    From: Fabulous “Fanilows” Night Out
  • Amanda Dearborn, Karen Vine Fuller, Stasie Smith

    The excitement kept growing as these friends got closer to their seats. (From left) Amanda Dearborn, Karen Vine Fuller, Stasie Smith. 

    From: Fabulous “Fanilows” Night Out
  • Church choir reunion

    Do-Re-Mi-Reunion with the group's favorite church choir director, Lynne Jackson. (From left) Jackie Sharbrough, West University Methodist Church choir director Lynne Jackson, Susie Boyce, Amanda Dearborn. 

    From: Fabulous “Fanilows” Night Out
  • Vixens

    The "Vanderbilt Vixens" in West University recently started gathering; they're adding new members all the time. Front row, from left: Millie Sall, Karen Craft, Wendy Schiller, Kristine Klavers, Ann Malcolm, Lauren Burke. Second row, from left: Joann Philpott, Amanda Dearborn, Janet Landry, Anne Schwartz, Alberta Totz, Abby Ackerman, Kari Greenwalt, Kathy Butler, Cat Karmel-Tawa, Patricia Hammond, Nancy Talkington.

    From: Block Parties