2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Anthony Rendon

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  • Joyce Pounds Hardy, Anthony Rendon

    HAVE SOME GUM Joyce Pounds Hardy gives encouragement to Rice star Anthony Rendon, named 2010 college player of the year. Rendon is currently a third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels.

    From: The Bubble Gum Lady
  • Kenny Baldwin, Anthony Rendon, and Brooks McGee

    Kenny Baldwin, Anthony Rendon, and Brooks McGee (Photo: Daniel Ortiz)

    From: Breakfast with baseball legends
  • 2008 Lamar baseball

    Lamar grad Anthony Rendon, 11 years after his high school baseball days, is facing the very real prospect of a one-of-a kind homecoming, a potential matchup against his hometown Houston Astros in the 2019 World Series. Here he's pictured with Lamar team members in 2008: Michael Starkey, Marquis Kindle, Grant Haynes, Peter Goudeau, Daniel Gonzales, David Bracht, Anthony Chacon, Scott Erzinger, Cody Horr, Michael Resnick, Shane Struska, Neal Dennison, Cole Lankford, Tyler Duffie, Kevin McKee, John Williamson, Matt Killary and Andy Maas (not pictured). 

    From: Lamar Grad Scores Big for the Washington Nationals
  • Lamar Redskins baseball team

    Lamar Redskins baseball team

    From: The boys are back in town