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St. Agnes Academy

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Name College Major Class ofsort ascending
Allie Black University of Virginia Undecided 2015
Amelia Boettiger Texas Tech University Business Administration 2015
Morgan Dickson Texas A&M University Liberal Arts 2015
Christina Sprague University of Oklahoma Other 2015
Haley Rocha San Diego State University Business Administration 2015
Adele Perrier Louisiana State University Engineering 2015
Erin Guerre Baylor University Business Administration 2015
Chandler Whittington Texas Christian University Business Administration 2015
Anna O'Donnell Southwestern University Other 2015
Linda Lyday Texas Tech University Health and Humanities 2015
Micayla Ray Texas A&M University Business Administration 2015
Alexis Bankhead Georgetown University Other 2015
Margaret Berno University of Texas - Austin Business Administration 2015
Katherine Sloan Georgia Institute of Technology Engineering 2015
Andie Matherne University of Oklahoma Business Administration 2015
Greta Gould Baylor University Business Administration 2015
Jordan Thomas University of Alabama Business Administration 2015
Anne Frappier Florida State University Other 2015
Emma Bennett Colorado School of Mines Engineering 2015
Michelle Nguyen University of Texas - Austin Liberal Arts 2015
Alyssa Murray University of Texas - Austin Nursing 2015
Samantha LeJune Auburn University Liberal Arts 2015
Gabriela Acosta Rice University Other 2015
Emma Grace Butler Vanderbilt University Undecided 2015
Elaine Paiz University of Texas - San Antonio Undecided 2015