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St. Agnes Academy

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Name College Major Class ofsort ascending
Sofie Duffner Tulane University Business Administration 2022
Alexis Bartley University of Alabama Business Administration 2022
Erin Connolly Auburn University Liberal Arts 2021
Emily Jones Auburn University Journalism, Media and Communications 2021
Sasha Cander Wesleyan University Health and Humanities 2020
Kate Logan Texas A&M University Journalism, Media and Communications 2020
Abigail Shelby Villanova University Undecided 2020
Dania Siddiqi University of Chicago Performing and Visual Arts 2020
Audrey Leonard Texas A&M University Nursing 2020
Kelly Thomas Northeastern University Journalism, Media and Communications 2019
Stacey Lugo University of Texas - Austin Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Emma Kallmeyer Wake Forest University Undecided 2018
Sophia Sutter University of Houston Other 2018
Isabel Sjodin Rice University Applied Sciences 2018
Trinity Reilly University of Notre Dame Theology 2018
Sarah Traynor United States Military Academy Undecided 2018
Anna Bagley Claremont Consortium of Colleges Undecided 2018
Maddie Foster Texas A&M University Engineering 2018
Alex Medrano Texas A&M University Education 2018
Sullivan Brem Duke University Health and Humanities 2018
Claire Cho Rice University Engineering 2018
Danielle Kattan Texas Tech University Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Sarah Michael Texas State University - San Marcos Education 2018
Tara La Loyola University Chicago Other 2018
Cristen Harrison University of Oklahoma Business Administration 2018