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Pavithr Goli

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  • Pavithr Goli

    Pavithr Goli – Rice University (Senior photo: Peggy Rios)

    From: Class of 2020
  • Puneetha Goli, Connie Lin, Pavithr Goli, Raghav Aggarwal

    (From left) Student leaders and event organizers Puneetha Goli, Connie Lin, Pavithr Goli and Raghav Aggarwal pose for a picture at the conclusion of the event.  

    From: A Local Student-Led Approach for a Global Issue
  • The Globe of Science and Innovation

    (Pictured, front row, from left) Riya Murthy, Teddy Easley, Divyesh Khatri, Duc Nguyen, Mila Taylor, Vaani Gupta and Puneetha Goli; (middle row, from left) Dillon Carter, Omar Imtiaz, Roberto Martelli and Pavithr Goli; (back row, from left) Amir Shafiee, Rahul Agarwal, Varun Agarwal, Young Gao, and Jiayu Wu posing in front of The Globe of Science and Innovation, a symbol that represents CERN’s contribution to the fields of science. 

    From: DisCERNing Particles at the Village High School
  • MIT Challenge team

    (From left) Olivia Bangs, Vanathi Selvan, Urvashi Deshpande, Varun Agarwal, Roberto Martelli, Pavithr Goli, Divyesh Kumar and Puneetha Goli represent this year’s team for the MIT Challenge. (Photo by Alicia Merrifield)

    From: STEAM at The Village High School