2022 Buzz Photo Contest Winners

Nicholas Wesley

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Photos appearing in

  • Kinder PVA 2019-2020 Student Council

    Kinder PVA 2019-2020 Student Council is rocking their new blue t-shirts. (Front row, from left) Diego McKenna Borrero, Jaylenn Holmes, Alexa Halim, Nicholas Wesley, Allie Guerra, Hanna Chong-Ahmed, Julissa Ramirez; (second row) Thiara Cháves, Ámbar Caldwell, Lakshmi Sunder, Sylvia Zhao, Maika Nebgen; (third row) Mckenna Leach, Carson McHugh, Izabella Zhang, Ashley Chu, Sophia Marshal, Ian Dessauer; (fourth row) Alexa Williams, Joelle Rosales, Elena Oliveira, Callum Curtis, Nicholas Lam; (fifth row) Sloane Ritterbush, Isabella Chang, Amanda Quiñónez, Sarah Grace, Seva Raman, Rylan Carroll; (sixth row) Lia Stallman, Ava Brown. (Photo courtesy of Kinder HSPVA Student Council)

    From: Our Shortcoming on Homecoming: HSPVA's Winter Ball
  • Winter Ball

    HSPVA Student Council Officers responsible for the 2020 Winter Ball were (from left) Jaylenn Holmes, Julissa Ramirez, Hanna Chong-Ahmed, Allie Guerra, Nicholas Wesley, Alexa Halim and Diego McKenna Borrero. (Photo courtesy of HSPVA Student Council)

    From: Our Shortcoming on Homecoming: HSPVA's Winter Ball
  • SCHOOL BUZZ 2019-20

    SCHOOL BUZZ 2019-20 Some of our correspondents gathered at St. John’s School before the start of school. Pictured are (bottom row, from left) Miriam Yampuler, Carnegie; Wellsley Moore, St. John’s; Libby Nunez, St. Pius; Laney Chang, St. John’s; Tyler Therriault, Briarwood; Bailey Maierson, St. John's; Claire Pedrick, St. John's; Aliya Robertson, Westbury Christian; (middle, from left) Rahul Rupani, St. John's; Liza Meyer, Emery; Morgan Brandt, Emery; Megan Chang, St. John’s; Ishani Shethia, Bellaire; Ariya Selvakumar, Kinder HSPVA; Jenna Baird, Briarwood; Simone Newar, Emery; Mary-Ellen Abshire, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal; Zoe Kass, Bellaire; Reeti Mangal, St. John's; Claire Lemel, Emery; (top row, from left) Freya Scott, British International School; Olivia Baba, Bellaire; Eugenie Pflieger, British International School; Bailey Junell, Episcopal; Louis Eagleton, St. Pius; Nicholas Wesley, Kinder HSPVA; Jenna Talisman, Emery; and Nina Varma, St. John's.

    From: School Buzz - Meet our 2019-20 correspondents