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  • Zoe Kass

    Zoe Kass, a soon-to-be graduate of Bellaire High School, gives a thumbs-up to her decision to attend Brown University this fall. 

    From: Contemplating College: Perspectives from a BHS Senior
  • Zoe Kass

    Zoe Kass, editor at Bellaire High School

    From: School Buzz
  • Mizuki Kai and Zoe Kass

    Mizuki Kai and Zoe Kass (Photo:

    From: School Buzz
  • Zoe Kass

    Bellaire High School sophomore Zoe Kass accesses the website for the American Heart Challenge.

    From: Bellaire High School Students Take on the American Heart Challenge
  • SCHOOL BUZZ 2019-20

    SCHOOL BUZZ 2019-20 Some of our correspondents gathered at St. John’s School before the start of school. Pictured are (bottom row, from left) Miriam Yampuler, Carnegie; Wellsley Moore, St. John’s; Libby Nunez, St. Pius; Laney Chang, St. John’s; Tyler Therriault, Briarwood; Bailey Maierson, St. John's; Claire Pedrick, St. John's; Aliya Robertson, Westbury Christian; (middle, from left) Rahul Rupani, St. John's; Liza Meyer, Emery; Morgan Brandt, Emery; Megan Chang, St. John’s; Ishani Shethia, Bellaire; Ariya Selvakumar, Kinder HSPVA; Jenna Baird, Briarwood; Simone Newar, Emery; Mary-Ellen Abshire, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal; Zoe Kass, Bellaire; Reeti Mangal, St. John's; Claire Lemel, Emery; (top row, from left) Freya Scott, British International School; Olivia Baba, Bellaire; Eugenie Pflieger, British International School; Bailey Junell, Episcopal; Louis Eagleton, St. Pius; Nicholas Wesley, Kinder HSPVA; Jenna Talisman, Emery; and Nina Varma, St. John's.

    From: School Buzz - Meet our 2019-20 correspondents
  • Heidi Tamm and Zoe Kass

    Friends Heidi Tamm and Zoe Kass (from left), both Condit Elementary School graduates, earned Girl Scout badges offered by the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Heidi will attend Saint Thomas’ Episcopal, and Zoe will attend Lanier Middle School.

    From: Scouting out the natural-science museum