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Allison Clark

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  • Allison Clark

    Allison Clark – The University of Texas at Austin (Senior photo: Annette Boatwright)

    From: Class of 2019
  • Allison Clark

    Allison Clark proudly displays her University of Texas at Austin sign, representing where she's headed to college in the fall.

    From: A Student’s Guide to the College Process
  • Allison Clark

    Allison Clark modeled for Sydney London's photography portfolio for her class at St. Agnes. (Photo: Sydney London) 

    From: Electives at St. Agnes Academy
  • SCHOOL BUZZ 2017-18

    SCHOOL BUZZ 2017-18 Some of our correspondents gathered before the start of school to coordinate for the upcoming year. Front row, from left: Eric Hang, St. John’s, (standing); Miriam Yampuler, Carnegie; Marie Collazo, St. Agnes; Anna Rosenfeld, St. Agnes; Deena Ali, DeBakey; Kelly Thomas, St. Agnes; Sarah Birenbaum, Bellaire; Nicki Miller, Emery; Reena Kudchadker, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal. Middle row, from left: Claire Furse, St. John’s; Emily Villarreal, Houston Christian; Bronwyn Fogarty, Houston Christian; Andi Minter, Memorial; Jenna Talisman, Emery; Katie Davis, Houston Christian; Liana Salehian, DeBakey; Maya Kanani, Bellaire; Madeline Muschalik, Memorial; Zaid Ali, Bellaire (standing). Top row, from left: Prithvi Krishnarao, St. John’s; Eli Maierson, St. John’s; Allison Clark, St. Agnes; Amin Abou-Gallala, Lamar; Abigail Standish, St. Agnes; Brady Brazda, Kinkaid.

    From: School Buzz - Meet Our 2017-18 Correspondents
  • SVDP
  • Title

    (Photo: Diane Sizemore)

    From: Title wave