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Ryan Chang

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  • Strake Jesuit Crusaders

    Strake Jesuit Crusaders (pictured, left to right) Kevin McKenna, Aaron Rucker, Gio Matassa, Zach Lee, Ryan Chang, Luke Thorburn and Gavin Stewart line up before a tournament game. (Photo: Dan McKenna)

    From: Strake Hosts Jesuit Basketball Christmas Classic
  • SCHOOL BUZZ 2018-19

    SCHOOL BUZZ 2018-19 Some of our correspondents gathered before the start of school to coordinate for the upcoming year. (Front row, from left) Elliott Jones, Episcopal; Geneve Goltz, Lamar; Vivian Wu, Awty; James McWhinnie, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School; Eli Maierson, SJS; Jack Avedesian, Emery; (sitting on chairs) Halliday Mafrige, Duchesne; Liana Salehian, Debakey; (back row, from left) Amber Thomas, Second Baptist; Ariya Selvakumar, HSPVA; Davis Rae, St. John’s School; Aliya Robertson, Westbury Christian; Brady Brazda, The Kinkaid School; Eric Hang, SJS, Ryan Chang, SJS, Andrew Duong, SJS; (standing) Connor McGovern, St. Thomas; (sitting on table) Lauryn Curl, Emery; Katie Giveon, Duchesne; Mary-Ellen Abshire, STES; Celia Houston, STES. (Photo:

    From: School Buzz - Meet our 2018-19 correspondents
  • Ryan Chang

    HANDS-ON LEARNING Ryan Chang, a senior at St. John’s School, attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Summer Journalism Workshop this summer. (Photo: Eli Maierson)

    From: Power of the press
  • Buzz summer interns

    Buzz summer interns (from left) Kelly Thomas, Abby Cohan, Benjamin Cohen, Nathan Lederman, Ryan Chang, Julia Boyles and Eli Maierson enjoy their final few days left at The Buzz Magazines.

    From: 2018 Buzz Summer Interns
  • Lunch

    Buzz summer interns (from left) Ryan Chang, Eli Maierson, Abby Cohan, Nathan Lederman and Benjamin Cohen brainstorm together over lunch at Island Grill. 

    From: 2018 Buzz Summer Interns
  • Ryan Chang, Eli Maierson

    Buzz interns Ryan Chang and Eli Maierson enjoy the Teahouse’s cream tea. (Photo: Juliana Aviles)


    From: The Tapioca Trend: Tea Houses in Houston
  • Ryan Chang

    Buzz intern Ryan Chang poses near the entrance of Teabar before drinking delicious black tea. (Photo: Eli Maierson)

    From: The Tapioca Trend: Tea Houses in Houston
  • Fortune teller

    Buzz intern Ryan Chang takes his chances with the electronic fortune teller to discover how much longer he will live. Luckily, he has 67 years left. (Photo: Eli Maierson)

    From: Exploring 'Death by Natural Causes' and 'Sherlock' at HMNS
  • Cabinet of Curiosities

    Buzz intern Ryan Chang joins the museum’s collection as the newest addition to the Cabinet of Curiosities. (Photo: Eli Maierson)

    From: Exploring 'Death by Natural Causes' and 'Sherlock' at HMNS